Next courses

Our next open courses will be held:

Tue 4th to Thu 6th Feb: Negotiations
Monday 20th April: JOAs
Tuesday 21st April: CTIAs
Wednesday 22nd April: TPAs
Thursday 23rd April: Sales
Friday 24th April: Decommissioning

See our booking form for discounts if you book the full week's "What To Negotiate" course.

Alternatively, please contact us if you would like to discuss bringing our training in-house

Bespoke In-house training

We can also tailor our courses to individual client's needs. We have provided bespoke training for 5 oil firms and 2 legal firms. We find that our courses work best with a minimum of 8 participants to provide the energy and feedback for the session, but if your company is thinking of sending this number (or more) to one of our open courses please contact us using the form below to discuss options to bring the training in-house.

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