Why choose Sigma?

  • Respected and trusted consultants
  • Track record of delivery
  • Flexible contracting terms
  • Full range of services

We are the largest commercial consultancy working in the UK upstream oil & gas industry, with over 450 manyears experience

Our novel approach to the provision of legal resource means you have direct access to lawyers with industry experience on flexible and cost-effective terms.

Our successful training programmes are available as both open courses and as bespoke in-house training.

Services over an asset's life

  • Asset or company-wide review
  • Acquisition and divestment support
  • Datarom preparation or review
  • Due Diligence
  • Area studies
  • Industry initiatives
Units & Licences
  • Government liaison
  • Licence and/or Operatorship application
  • Unitisations, including co-ordination with technical support
  • Unit and Joint Operating Agreement negotiations
  • Production Sharing Contracts
Developments & access to infrastructure
  • Host or satellite
  • Substitute commercial operator negotiations
  • Economic modelling (including hub economics)
  • Project gateway and Peer Reviews
  • Construction and Tie-In Agreements
  • Tariff and Service negotiations
  • Cross Median expertise
Joint ventures
  • OpCom representation
  • Value optimisation
  • Contract management
  • Dispute resolution
  • Commercial MOT
Product Sales
  • Allocation/attribution negotiation, review and audit
  • Hydrocarbon accounting services
  • Oil valuation and sales
  • Gas balancing
  • Gas sales (offshore or Beach)
Late field life
  • Value optimisation and decommissioning deferral
  • Decommissioning security
  • Hub optimisation
  • Novel mature asset arrangements
  • Redevelopment option planning
  • Decommissioning planning and co-ordination

Range of Services

  • Licensing - bid agreements, unitisations, JOAs etc
  • Access to infrastructure (both as host and/or satellite)
  • Transportation and operating services agreements
  • Product sales - gas, ngls, crude
  • Decommissioning - security, late field life optimisation and projects
Asset Management
  • Day to day management of agreed terms
  • Corporate reporting and forecasting
  • Amendments to existing agreements
  • Budget and workscope review and approval
  • Dispute resolution
  • Coordiation with other skill-sets such as technical, ops, economics, finance and A&D
Legal Services
  • Agreement review and drafting
  • Legal support to joint venture
  • Corporate legal services
  • Coordination with in-house lawyers, external counsel
  • Expert witness
  • Litigation advice and testimony
Ad-Hoc Projects
  • Asset review and preparation for disposal
  • Dataroom creation
  • Due Diligence
  • Area-wide studies (cross discipline total review of an asset to identify threats & opportunities)
  • Commercial MOT
Strategic Planning
  • Area studies
  • Asset reviews
  • Asset health checks
  • Corporate strategy
  • Acquisitions and disposals
Flexible Resourcing
  • Flexible contract terms
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Peak shaving and ringfenced project work
  • Ability to backfill (holiday, sickness, maternity cover etc)
  • Based in-house or at client's offices
  • "Virtual commercial department"
  • Competitive rates (up to 60% discount on competitors)
Economics and Evaluation
  • Creation and/or review of models
  • All major software covered
  • Project economic support
  • Asset economic modelling
  • Dataroom evaluation and risking
  • Liaison with tax for full fiscal view
Product Sales
  • Gas sales - offshore or at the beach
  • Provision of fuel gas
  • NGL sales
  • Crude valuation and value adjustment
  • Crude sales
  • Negotiation of Decommissioning Security Agreements
  • Security modelling
  • Late field life commercial optimisation
  • Hub strategy and negotiation
  • COP application
  • Decommissioning project support
  • Asset lease and handovers