Our commercial training is unique in the oil and and gas industry. We have drawn upon over 450 manyears of upstream oil and gas experience to provide fun, practical advice for optimising the commercial arrangements for your asset.

We run 2 main sets of coures:

    What to negotiate

    A modular series covering all major agreements over the life of an asset, and

    How to negotiate

    Our new course moulding negotiation theory into a practical guide for the oil & gas industry

What to Negotiate

This set of 5 modular courses aim to give participants a practical knowledge of the risks and value drivers at the each stage of an asset’s life. We aim to show how the key commercial agreements are influenced by these risks and drivers, how to manage them, and how they are negotiated and used in practise.

Interactive group sessions compliment each course, giving participants a practical introduction to important commercial concepts and issues.

All of our courses have been updated and reformatted for 2020, following the evolution of the industry, from the practical implementation of MER UK through to Transferable Tax Histories.

All modules can be attended in a week-long course or on individual days.


A one day module which explores the main elements and themes of the agreement which regulates the joint operation of fields. Participants will gain an understanding of:

  • Licensing in the North Sea and the context for the JOA
  • The Parties to the JOA and their respective rights and obligations
  • Voting passmarks and decision making
  • Managing changes within the Licence group
  • The link between the JOA and decommissioning.

Topics covered include:

  • Licensing & the context of the JOA
  • Parties - relationship, rights & obligations
  • Decision making
  • Managing Joint Ops - budgets and work plans
  • Changes to the JV - default, assignment & withdrawal
  • End of field life

A one day module considering the context of the CTIA in field development and providing a detailed consideration of the key provisions. Participants will gain an in-depth understanding of:

  • The context of CTIAs in the life of an asset
  • The key terms of a CTIA
  • The impact of host selection and the commercial terms offered by the host
  • The other key agreements in the development phase and their interface with the CTIA
  • Decision making within the gate based project management system.
  • Course Contents:

    • Context for CTIAs
    • Gate based project management Related agreements
    • Key terms and themes
    • Drivers for Satellite and Host
    • Work obligations
    • Planned/unplanned shutdowns
    • Lost/deferred production
    • Completion and Commissioning Liabilities and Indemnities
    • Ownership
    • Risk

A one day module exploring the key agreements required to transport and process hydrocarbons (including TPAs, POSAs and TPOSAs).

Participants will gain an understanding of:

  • The options for exporting fluids
  • The balance between capex and opex for a development
  • The drivers for each party during negotiations
  • The key terms and their inter-relation
  • The interface with other key agreements (eg: CTIAs).

Course Contents:

  • Context for the TPA - project gates and ICOP
  • Key terms and themes
  • Drivers for the Satellite
  • Drivers for the Host
  • Services
  • Tariff
  • Opex Sharing
  • Risks - commercial and legal
  • Ownership and risk

A one day module exploring the product sales - including gas, NGLs and oil. Participants will gain an overview of:

  • Legacy gas sales and the impact of the Network Code
  • Beach sales and spot pricing
  • NGL term contracts
  • Tanker contracts (including COAs and lifting agreements)
  • Oil valuation and value adjustments
  • Oil sales terms

Course Contents

Gas sales

  • Gas properties and valuation
  • Legacy contracts terms
  • Beach sales
  • The network code
  • Key terms and pricing

NGL term contracts


  • Lifting procedures
  • Main terms

Oil Sales

  • Crude valuation basics
  • Main terms

A one day module covering an increasingly important aspect of operations. Participants will gain an understanding of:

  • What decommissioning is and what it isn’t
  • The legislative framework
  • How it works in practice
  • The need for security and how this impacts late field life
  • Key DSA terms and drivers
  • Recent tax changes and their impact

Course Contents:

  • Context - International and UK Law, Section 29 and 34 Notices
  • Cessation of Production
  • Practical decommissioning steps
  • The need for security
  • Legacy vs Oil & Gas UK terms
  • When is security required
  • How much security is required
  • Types of security
  • How to agree security terms
  • Different drivers

How to Negotiate

After many years of requests by clients, we have finally prepared a Practical Negotiations course. This course provides a practical approach to "HOW to negotiate" which compliments our existing "WHAT to negotiate" courses.

Covering the relevant theory, but concentrating on practical implementation within the oil and gas industry, this is a fun and interactive course spread over 3 days. Participants will learn about:

  • Integrative/distributive bargaining
  • Different types of negotiator and how to flex your style
  • Strategies and tactics
  • Planning
  • Concepts - BATNAs, perception, framing etc.
  • Techniques to use - active listening, proposals etc.
  • Problems - with people, positions, deadlock

- all reinforced with real examples and break-out exercises.

Next Courses

Our open courses in 2020 will be held:

  • 4th-6th Feb: Negotiations
  • Mon 20th Apr: JOAs
  • Tue 21st Apr: CTIAs
  • Wed 22nd Apr: TPAs
  • Thu 23rd Apr: Sales
  • Fri 24th Apr: Decommissioning
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Who should attend?

Any person who is involved in:

  • field development
  • a projects team
  • negotiating agreements
  • asset management
  • legal
  • economics and evaluation
  • contracts admin
  • acquisitions & disposals
  • product sales.

The venue

The Gordon Highlanders Museum
16 Viewfield Road
AB15 7XH

Gordon Highlanders

The Sigma Prep Sheet

The Sigma prep sheet is used in our Negotiations course but is useful for external negotations as well. It is in PDF form which you can either print off and fill in by hand, or you can fill it in electronically.