"How to" negotiate

Negotiation training with specific application to the oil and gas industry.

A 3 days course covering negotiating best practice.

A collaborative approach, in keeping with MER's central obligation, is encouraged by applying the latest negotiating theory to real upstream examples. The knowledge and skills of participants are built up by introducing concepts and theory with a number of fun exercises to put what we cover into practice.


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Areas we focus on to help improve your negotiating technique.

  • Substance vs relationship
  • Credibility
  • BATNA, ZOPA, reservation point
  • Mandates
  • Communication
  • Body language
  • Irritants
  • Perception, frames and cognition



The latest theory of negotiating, boiled down for practical application to the oil and gas industry.

  • Duel concerns model
  • Thomas Kilman negotiating styles
  • Distributive negotiation
    • What it is and how to do it
    • Tactics
    • Limitations
  • Integrative negotiation
    • Increasing the size of the pie
    • People and problems
    • Interests and positions
    • Options for mutual gain
    • Objective criteria
  • Problems
    • Power
    • Emotions
    • Hardball tactics
    • Dirty tricks
    • Deadlock
  • MER, the OGA and ICOP



Applying the theory to get the most out of your negotiation.

  • Preparation and planning
  • Anchoring
  • Active Listening
  • Questions
  • Silence
  • Making proposals
  • Saving face
  • Autonomy
  • Recording the deal



Fun and interactive exercises to put it all into practice, following the life of the mythical Sigma field from discovery to decommissioning.

  • The £2 game
  • 2 refineries
  • Sigma prospect farm-in
  • Sigma unitisation
  • Rig share contract
  • Not your typical negotiation
  • Tenner auction
  • Omega tie-back part 1
  • Omega tie-back part 2